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Teaching children the first steps of reading and spelling.  It's simple and fun!

We all know that reading opens the door to all learning. 

Maureen Pollard, the creator of Little Learners Love Literacy, is passionate that all children can achieve success in reading, spelling and writing. It is for this reason she has developed an explicit, multi-sensory literacy program that works for all children.

Children love the engaging approach and teachers are very excited about the outcomes their students are achieving.   Little Learners Love Literacy focuses on 'phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge' giving children the skills they need to read, spell and write with confidence. Little Learners Love Literacy is developed from evidence-based literacy research. Children start reading real stories once they know the first 8 'sounds' of introduced in Milo's Birthday Surprise storybook.  The emphasis is on 'decoding' - sounding-out and a few 'heart words' - high frequency words children need to know by heart as they cannot decode them at this stage. Little Learners Love Literacy teaches the skills of reading and actively discourages children to look at the picture and 'guess'.We are frustrated that most primary schools are setting children up to fail by teaching them to 'guess' at words. Reading and spelling need to be explicitly taught in a fun and engaging way.  Little Learners Love Literacy ensures that ALL children learn to read, spell and write with confidence.

NEWS!  The new Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity is now in stock. We are very excited as these activities focus on reading, handwriting and spelling. They have been trialled in classrooms so we know they work.  This new book complements the Teacher Resource book and the other Little Learners Love Literacy resources.

Reading is the core responsibility of schools but parents also need to give additional support.  

Getting children off to a good start in literacy is important! 

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This special offer of $990 is a must have for every Foundation Year classroom.  Give children books they can read with success and confidence.  Connect the learning in the classroom to the books children read - it makes sense!

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Parent pack - fun, easy and successful  

We don't want any children to fall through the net and not learn to read. Using these Milo's Birthday Surprise resources ensures that children learn the skills needed to learn to read and write. We have put together some resources to make a great package to use at home - Milo's Birthday Surprise, Milo's Activity Book, Milo's Alphabet Games and Stages 1 & 2 Little Learner books.

The focus is on teaching children to think about, talk about, and synthesise their developing knowledge of sounds and letters so they can read, write and spell with confidence.Getting children off to a good start is important!

Milo's Birthday Surprise Actiivty book provides expicit and engaging activities to teach handwritng, decoding to read words, phrases and sentences. Children learn to read and spell after learning 6 letters and sounds.

Gorgeous Milo symbols help children to work independently.

This beautifully designed activity book includes Let's spell - a strategy based on SoundCheck. Children hear a word, segment it into sounds and select the letter from the menu of choices. Very simple and successful.

Parent pack special: includes all the resources to start the journey of reading, writing and spelling with your child.  ($174.85 now $160).

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Chitter Chatter Chant & Speed Sounds videos - both activities are a vital part of Little Learners Love Literacy. Chitter Chatter Chant scaffolds the children's learning of sounds by saying the character name followed by the sound twice, for example, Milo monkey /m/ /m/, however, it is important that this is immediately followed by Speed Sounds which aims at building sound fluency, and saying the sound once /m/. Milo's Alphabet Game cards are a part of Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds.

The correct pronuncation is important. Fiona shows you how to say the 'pure' sound without any distortion. This is important when blending sounds together to make words. Fiona has an Australian accent, however, in the UK or USA then the accent of the speaker is used. 


NEW Milo's Birthday Suprise Activity Book


This new activity book teaches handwriting, reading and spelling.  A must for the classroom or at home. It can be photocopied to be used over and over again.

It includes decodable words after the first 7 letters and sounds have been introduced. Children continue to read sentences and stories.

A few Heart words are introduced at each stage.  These are words that children cannot decode at this stage.  Heart words are such words as the, The, My, my, I. 

Milo's Let's Spell activity is a modified version of SoundCheck - the leading spelling resource in Australia.  



SoundCheck - sequencing sounds for spelling success

 Spelling seems to get less attention than reading when educators discuss literacy.  Spelling and reading are complementary skills and both need to be taught with the same passion.  In some ways spelling is harder to teach as the alphabetic principle is very complex.  

Wendy Moore from Perth WA emailed me her thoughts:

I'm a teacher specializing in supporting students with literacy and language difficulties. A colleague brought both SoundCheck books along to a networking meeting many years ago.  I was smitten when I first saw them and bought them immediately. I used them with great success.  SoundCheck is the only photocopied proforma that I use .... I'm very fussy about what I use with students, but I can't talk these  resources up enough.  I'm not normally a gusher but they are really fantastic. I can't thank you enough for creating such an invaluable resource. 

Thank you Wendy for your feedback. 

Click here to find out more about the unique SoundCheck strategy

Latest News

           Four new Read and Grab games: teaching consonant and vowel digraphs

View children playing Milo's Read and Grab. 

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ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research) is the distributor of Little Learners Love Literacy and SoundCheck books in both Australia and New Zealand.  

You can visit their bookshops in Melbourne -  19 Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell, Perth - 7/1329 Hay St West Perth, Brisbane - 1/165 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove.