Case study

New Gisborne Primary School in Victoria introduced the Little Learners Love Literacy® (LLLL) program in 2018 after poor prep literacy results in 2017. Literacy Coordinator and Intervention Teacher Lisa Bellman Ansell shares how the program transformed her school’s results.

"Our disappointing literacy results were the catalyst for change," said Lisa. "Having done a lot of research into best reading instruction, I chose to implement LLLL into our P-1 curriculum, as it is an all-encompassing literacy program.

We could no longer leave reading to chance."

Lisa said the LLLL program works for her school because it's "easy to follow, it’s engaging for the students, and it addresses the six components of effective reading instruction. It is a systematic, synthetic phonics approach and it has matching decodable readers, so that students are able to apply the skills taught in context. Plus our students love the program! LLLL is engaging; it is a multisensory learning program that includes activities like craft, cooking, singing and dancing. It’s extremely rewarding to see that we’ve made a real difference in the lives of our students."

Student referals

Join Lisa Bellman Ansell at a Little Learners Love Literacy® workshop to find out how to teach Little Learners Love Literacy® with fidelity. Lisa will elaborate on how New Gisborne changed their teaching approach to build a firm foundation in reading, writing and spelling.