Read and Grab Word Game Super Pack (Boxes 1-10)


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This special pack of 10 Read and Grab Word Game boxes provides children with lots of fun practising decoding words progressing from simple CVC words to more challenging graphemes.

This card game is quick and competitive, encouraging children to read single words fluently. Children don't even realise they are reading when they become completely absorbed in collecting sets of cards to win the game. It’s perfect for small group instruction and playing at home to build reading skills and confidence!

Read and Grab Word Game Super Pack (Boxes 1–10):

  • Allows children to practise reading decodable words using the phonemes and graphemes they have learned in class (Stages 1–7 Unit 4)
  • Each box contains 75–85 playing cards – plenty of sets to choose from each time you play
  • Great value – save over 30% in RRP.

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