Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book Stages 1-4 DIGITAL


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Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book accompanies the Milo’s Birthday Surprise storybook and Teacher Resource book providing essential practice of each sound and letter.

This is the digital copy of the Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Resource Book.

Milo's Activity Book provides activities for handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling for Stages 1–4. There is one page for Milo and each one of his friends. As soon as children have learnt the first 6 sounds and letters, they start to read words.

Stage 1 sequence: m s f a p t c i
Stage 2 sequence: b h n o d g i v
Stage 3 sequence: y r e qu z
Stage 4 sequence: j u k x w

This Activity Book features a unique spelling strategy – Let’s spell – which helps children to experience success in spelling. It provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children can easily hear and identify each sound and letter to spell with accuracy.

Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book:

  • Features the unique spelling strategy – Let’s spell
  • Includes handwriting, reading and spelling practice activities
  • Introduces the Heart words from the Little Learner decodable books.

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