Big World Nonfiction Small Group Reading Teacher Notes Stages 7.1-7.4


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Step-by-step guidance for effective use of decodable books in the classroom.

Carefully planned small group reading sessions allow teachers to hear their whole class read every week, whilst providing rich opportunities to instruct, model and guide children towards independent, fluent reading. These teacher notes provide:

  • easy-to-read instructions and advice
  • prepared teacher notes for each decodable nonfiction book at Stages 7.1-7.4
  • additional after-reading activities for each stage
  • small group reading observation template
  • reproducible Heart Words and Speed Words flashcards.

Key features:

  • Save planning and preparation time for small group reading sessions.
  • Notes and advice are equally useful for one-to-one reading and whole class reading.
  • Supports effective use of the innovative and engaging Big World Nonfiction series of decodable books. 

    Small Group Reading Teacher Notes are included in all Small Group Book Packs and Class Book Packs.