Little Learners assessments

There are three formal assessments in the Little Learners Love Literacy® program – one for reading, one for spelling and one for phonological awareness. Together, these tools identify the progress and skill level of each child. They show exactly what a child can do so that teachers can plan what needs to be taught next, as well as track crucial progress data for reporting.

Little Learners Assessment of Reading Skills (LLARS)

The LLARS should be used to assess:
1. phoneme-grapheme knowledge
2. single word decoding (real words and nonwords)
3. heart words
4. reading unseen decodable texts (including fluency and comprehension).

Test of Phonological Skills for Little Learners (ToPALL)

The ToPALL should be used to assess:
1. broad phonological skills such as rhyming, syllabification, word identification within sentences
2. identifying phonemes in words
3. segmenting words into phonemes
4. blending phonemes to make words
5. substitution, addition and deletion of phonemes in a spoken word.

Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills (LLASS)

The LLASS should be used to assess:
1. phoneme-grapheme knowledge
2. segmenting words to spell
3. morphologic knowledge
4. handwriting.

The LLARS and the ToPALL are available as free downloads. The LLASS is available to purchase in our online shop.