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Our Team

Meet the Little Learners team!

Maureen Pollard

Maureen is our director and passionate advocate of developing children’s skills in learning to read, write and spell. Maureen has a B.Ed specializing in Learning Difficulties and has taught in Australia, England, Spain and South Africa. Awarded the Bruce Wicking Award from Learning Difficulties Australia for her contribution to education in 2012. Maureen has been a teacher for many years and continues to personally support hundreds of teaching colleagues as they look to change and make improvements with Little Learners Love Literacy®.

Kiaya Edwards

Kiaya is an engaging and energetic speech pathologist who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and supporting teachers. Kiaya has worked across the age spectrum from early intervention in private clinics to post-stroke wards in hospitals. While working in primary schools, Kiaya developed a love for literacy and language development. At Little Learners Love Literacy®, Kiaya presents on topics such as phonemic awareness and provides direct support for teachers. She also contributes to the content development and design of resources at LLLL and works across all areas of the business, bringing her expertise and passion to everything we do. 

Alexandra Harper

Alex is Little Learners Love Literacy's publishing manager - developing new books, resources and professional learning. Like all of the team at LLLL, Alex is passionate that all children have the opportunity to learn to read, write and spell with confidence. By spending lots of time working with teachers and children, as well as keeping up to date with the latest literacy research Alex ensures all our resources are the best they can possibly be. Alex loves to talk to teachers and your little learners and hopes to have a chat with you soon!

Amy Nicholls-Diver

Amy Nicholls-Diver is the Editorial Manager. She has extensive experience working on primary literacy resources, as well as editing and project managing secondary educational texts and trade books for children. Amy is an avid reader and is passionate about making reading accessible to everyone.

Manuel Zammit

Manuel manages our warehouses – counting and moving stock, arranging logistics and much more (he’s a very handy guy to have around!). Manuel has a broad knowledge base as well as a passion for education, books and literature – and his daughter is trainee teacher, too!

Erin Saunders

Erin pick, packs and dispatches your Little Learners Love Literacy® orders with gusto! We pride ourselves on our quick delivery times and Erin is behind a large number of the parcels that leave The Hub. Erin has two daughters and a black Labrador puppy called Bosley – who sometimes likes to take a visit to the Little Learners Hub for team hugs and a good sniff around.

Meet the authors and illustrators!

Berys Dixon

Berys is both as experienced teacher and writer. Berys wrote the Pip and Tim stories for Stages 5-7, as well as The Wiz Kids series and a number of other teaching resources and games. Berys always dreamed of being a writer – she loves writing and children love her stories. She has an amazing imagination and a talent for writing natural-sounding, engaging books within the tight restrictions of a phonics scope and sequence. Berys has also written the Pocket Rocket series and continues to tutor students alongside her writing.

Danielle McDonald

Danielle illustrates our Pip and Tim books and resources. We adore her creative talents and brilliant use of colour. Danielle’s unique style makes the books appealing and engaging for children. She is also the illustrator of The Ella Diaries series and has created many children’s books and products over the years. Danielle lives on a farm in the Southern Tablelands in NSW with her husband and two girls, Jade and Zoe.

Elenio Pico

Elenio illustrates The Wiz Kids series for Little Learners Love Literacy®. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960 and has lived in Barcelona Spain since 2000. Elenio is an artist in many fields including painting, illustration, animation, comic, ephemeral artistic interventions in urban spaces. His illustrations have been published in Argentina, Spain, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and Korea among others. Elenio's children's books "Lía Mei y Said" and "De un lado y del otro" were awarded by the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia in 2010 and 2011.

Lorraine Lea

Lorraine wrote the Pip and Tim stories for Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4. Lorraine created the Zan family – Pip, Tim, Sam the dog and Tip the cat. Lorraine and Maureen taught together at Tintern Grammar in Ringwood, Victoria before collaborating on the very first Pip and Tim decodable books for the Little Learners Love Literacy® program.

Wendy Hopkins

Wendy has had 30 years of teaching experience in the inner north and west of Melbourne. She shared a class with her friend and colleague Berys Dixon, and together they went on a quest to improve their students’ literacy outcomes!
Wendy is currently tutoring students in literacy, whilst collaborating with Berys in writing the Little Learners Love Literacy® Teacher Activity Resource books. She uses the tutoring and her vast teaching experience to inform her contribution to these books, and the activities to support her lessons.

Meet the Little Learners presenters and coaches

Lisa Bellman Ansell

Lisa Bellman Ansell is a teacher and intervention specialist at New Gisborne Primary School, Victoria.

She is reading recovery trained and was a firm whole language advocate before returning to study and uncovering the research about explicit sequential phonics. Lisa now teaches using evidence-based methods and is currently completing the rigorous Lettrs training program through DSF SPELD foundation.

Jamie Coombs

Jamie is a teacher and Learning Specialist with over 18 years experience in education. She currently teaches in a large inner-city primary school where she uses the Little Learners Love Literacy® program – both in a classroom setting and as an intervention tool. Jamie has completed a Masters in Special Education and is co-founder of NESTS. Jamie’s guiding principle is that every child has the right to learn and is capable of learning: "We have to create the opportunities to set students up for success".

Sarah Collins

Sarah is a primary school educator with over 17 years experience. She has a Masters of Education and has held roles such as classroom teacher, Literacy Coach and Literacy Leader.

Sarah has implemented Little Learners Love Literacy® at her school and at home with her sons. She is passionate that all children learn to read, write and spell with confidence.

Kate Hardinge

Kate is a Primary trained educator with over 17 years of experience, currently working as Learning Diversity Facilitator at Marist College, Bendigo. Over the last 8 years she has utilised LLLL and other systematic synthetic phonics programs to assist students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 11, in both school and private settings. Kate is a passionate advocate of evidence-based literacy instruction and has a special interest in assisting students with Cognitive and Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).

Sandra Sartor

Sandra's passion is to collaboratively work with families and schools to support children in developing their literacy confidence, skills and knowledge. Apart from being an experienced teacher, Sandra has extensive experience in supporting children with additional needs in the private, public and community-based sectors.

Sandra is the director of ‘Lasting Lessons’ literacy services in Melbourne.

International Distributors

Liz Kane Literacy (New Zealand)

For more than 6 years, Liz Kane has been paving the way for teaching literacy in New Zealand schools. Following an extensive career in teaching, Liz identified that there was a fundamental missing piece: structured literacy. In 2018 Liz Kane Literacy became the proud sole distributor of Little Learners Love Literacy® and we love to work with Liz and her team.

If you are in New Zealand you’ll need Liz – to place your orders and more. 
Contact Liz at liz@lizkaneliteracy.co.nz