Assessing phonological awareness with the ToPALL

The Test of Phonological Awareness for Little Learners (ToPALL) should be used to assess:

broad phonological skills, such as rhyming, syllabification, word identification within sentences

2 identifying phonemes in words

segmenting words into phonemes

blending phonemes to make words

substitution, addition and deletion of phonemes in a spoken word.


The ToPALL comprises a manual (which includes the assessments, score sheets and test materials) and a class tracking spreadsheet.

Download the ToPALL 
download the topall spreadsheets

The ToPALL includes ToPALL 1 (approximately Foundation) and ToPALL 2 (Year 1 and beyond). Each question in the ToPALL has an example and a test question for the child. The ToPALL can be administered alongside the LLARS twice per year, or you can use it at the start of the school year if you wish to.

double page sample spread of the topall scoresheet
double page spread of the test script for the topall
teacher completing the topall scoresheet

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