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Book one or all of our 45-minute webinars to top-up your professional learning and to get answers to your questions.

Our webinar schedule includes a range of webinars on various topics for teachers, school leaders, private practitioners and parents. Each webinar includes an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic. Browse our webinar topics below to find out more.

1. Click 'BOOK A WEBINAR' below.
2. Select your webinar topic and date then fill in the rest of the form - booking complete!
3We will send you a link to join the Zoom Webinar with instructions before the date. 

All webinars are scheduled to start at 4pm AEDT (1 Oct-7 Apr) / AEST (3 Apr-1 Oct).

Whilst we hope you'll be able to join us live to benefit from live question time and discussion, if you can't make it don't worry! You don't need to let us know AND you'll automatically receive a recording.


Webinar - Intervention using Little Learners Love Literacy®

How can LLLL be implemented  in a small group or one-to-one intervention setting? Join this webinar with to find out.

Webinar - Assessing reading with the Little Learners Assessment of Reading Skills (LLARS)

How can reading be assessed effectively? Join this webinar to find out about the LLARS - our free assessment.

Webinar - Teaching and assessing phonological awareness with Little Learners Love Literacy®

Phonological awareness is crucial for both reading and spelling success. Join this webinar to find out more.

Webinar - Teaching spelling with Little Learners Love Literacy®

How can we teach spelling explicitly alongside reading? Join this webinar to find out!

Webinar - An Introduction to Little Learners Love Literacy®

Heard of Little Learners Love Literacy®, but not quite sure what it’s all about? This webinar is for you!

Webinar - Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills (LLASS)

How can spelling be assessed effectively from the start of school? Join this webinar to find out...

Webinar - Small Group Reading with Decodable Books 

How can decodable books be used effectively in the classroom? Join this webinar to find out...

Webinar - Little Learners decodable books and how to use them

We call the decodable storybooks ‘our secret ingredient’ to success. Join this webinar to find out why.

Webinar - Little Learners Love Literacy in Special Education Settings

Educators working in special schools are adapting LLLL program to suit their student needs. Join this webinar to learn more ...

Webinar - Teaching and Assessing Reading Fluency

Fluency - what is it? How and when do we assess it? How do we teach it in the early years? Join this webinar to find out more...

Webinar - Teaching Heart Words with Little Learners Love Literacy

Heart words - what are they?  How do we teach teach them? Join this webinar to find out more...