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Book one or all of our 45-minute webinars to top-up your professional learning and to get answers to your questions.

Our 2021 webinar schedule includes a range of webinars on various topics for teachers, school leaders, private practitioners and parents. Each webinar includes an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic. 

Booking is simple. Check webinar dates below and book by filling in the form. We will send you a link to join the Zoom meeting with instructions before the date. 

Webinar - Intervention using Little Learners Love Literacy®

How can LLLL be implemented  in a small group or one-to-one intervention setting? Join this webinar with to find out.


Webinar - Assessing reading with the Little Learners Assessment of Reading Skills (LLARS)

How can reading be assessed effectively? Join this webinar to find out about the LLARS - our free assessment.


Webinar - Teaching and assessing phonological awareness with Little Learners Love Literacy®

Phonological awareness is crucial for both reading and spelling success. Join this webinar to find out more.


Webinar - Teaching spelling with Little Learners Love Literacy®

How can we teach spelling explicitly alongside reading? Join this webinar to find out!


Webinar - An Introduction to Little Learners Love Literacy®

Heard of Little Learners Love Literacy®, but not quite sure what it’s all about? This webinar is for you!


Webinar - Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills (LLASS)

How can spelling be assessed effectively? Join this webinar to find out...


Webinar - Little Learners decodable books and how to use them

We call the decodable storybooks ‘our secret ingredient’ to success. Join this webinar to find out why.



I am so very appreciative of these incredible free webinars. It builds such fabulous teacher capacity. I LOVE all of your LLLL resources, I would be lost without them. All the resources are just so user friendly and engaging and I just cannot get enough of them.
Thank you.

Danielle, Learning Support Teacher

Really informative webinar about the LLASS, so I can't wait to buy it and use it!  

Alison, Tutor 

Thanks so much, the webinar was informative and very helpful. I really appreciate that it was free of charge. 

Kate, Teacher 

I was attending to find out more about this approach and it was explained very clearly. 

Carol, Teacher  

I found this webinar quick, to the point and very informative. 

Shumba, Reading Support Teacher 

Even though I have done the two-day workshops, I still felt like I needed to know more about LLARS. The LLARS workshop was really informative and answered some of the questions I had about the assessment. 

Lisa, Teacher 

Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on my practices in literacy. 

Kylie, Literacy leader and Deputy Principal 

Very thorough, Great background into the evidence behind the program, hosts very knowledgeable. 

Alison, Learning Support 


Sandra Sartor

Sandra's passion is to collaboratively work with families and schools to support children in developing their literacy confidence, skills and knowledge. Apart from being an experienced teacher, Sandra has extensive experience in supporting children with additional needs in the private, public and community-based sectors. Sandra is the director of ‘Lasting Lessons’ literacy services in Melbourne.

Lisa Bellman Ansell

Lisa Bellman Ansell is a teacher and intervention specialist at New Gisborne Primary School. She is reading recovery trained and was a firm whole language advocate before returning to study and uncovering the research about explicit sequential phonics. Lisa now teaches using evidence-based methods and is currently completing the rigorous Lettrs training program through DSF SPELD foundation.

Maureen Pollard

Maureen is the creator of Little Learners Love Literacy® and Sound Check. She is passionate that ALL children learn to read, write and spell with confidence. Her teaching experience is extensive in all sectors of education and in many countries - England, Spain, South Africa as well as Australia.

Sarah Collins

Sarah is a primary school educator with over 17 year’s experience. She has her Masters of Education and has held roles such as classroom teacher, Literacy Coach and Literacy Leader. Sarah has implemented Little Learners Love Literacy at her school and at home with her sons. She is passionate that all children learn to read, write and spell with confidence.

Kiaya Edwards

Kiaya is a speech pathologist who has practised in primary schools before joining in the at Little Learners Love Literacy team. Kiaya has a passion for evidence-based instruction and language. She develops new resources at LLLL and works across all areas of the business, bringing her expertise and passion to everything we do.

Alexandra Harper

Alex is Little Learners Love Literacy's publishing manager - developing new resources and professional learning. Like all of the team at LLLL, Alex is passionate that ALL children learn to read, write and spell with confidence. She spends lots of time in classrooms as well as keeping up to date with the latest literacy research to ensure all our resources are the best they can possibly be.

Kate Hardinge

Kate is a Primary trained educator with over 17 years of experience, currently working as Learning Diversity Facilitator at Marist College, Bendigo. Over the last 8 years she has utilised LLLL and other systematic synthetic phonics programs to assist students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 11, in both school and private settings.