Explicit and systematic teaching

Little Learners Love Literacy® resources and professional learning workshops support explicit and systematic teaching of reading and spelling. Children learn at a quicker rate if they are taught systematically and explicitly using a synthetic phonics and a structured literacy approach. They know what they are learning and can verbalise it.

What is explicit teaching?

To teach explicitly skills and knowledge are broken down into their component parts and they are taught directly in a systematic, logical sequence – from simple to complex. Teaching is mostly whole class following an “I do, we do, you do” structure: I do - teacher instructs and provides a model. We do - guided practice supported by the teacher. You do - the learner practises/applies new content independently – moving towards mastery.

(Read more: Barak Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction)

The Little Learners Love Literacy® teaching model 

The plan for each week follows this model:

  • Revise using Speed Sounds and Chants and speed words. 
  • Identify from the Little Learners Love Literacy® sequence and TARs what to teach next. 
  • Plan how the children will practise this skill to reach mastery using the Little Learners Love Literacy® resources and games. 
  • Apply this knowledge to reading decodable stories and independent writing. 
  • Assess children to monitor their progress and group them. 

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infographic that reads revise teach practise apply assess