Vocabulary and comprehension

Vocabulary is vital for reading comprehension – once a word has been decoded (translated from print to speech) children need to know the meaning of the word in order to understand it and progress.

Some words will be explicitly taught, and others will be incidental. Either way: 

  • give a child-friendly definition
  • break the word up into its parts and analyse each part
  • ask children questions about the word’s meaning
  • explore synonyms and antonyms.

Children’s comprehension and vocabulary will be greatly enhanced in the early years of school through discussion, being exposed to conversations with adults, and through being read to often.

woman and two children reading together at home
double-page spread showing the teacher support section of a Little Learners book

The Little Learners decodable books support comprehension and vocabulary through ideas and questions in the back of the books including Vocabulary Check and Questions To Talk About.  Throughout the Little Learners resources children will find themselves exposed to many new and exciting words.