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About us

Our Story

While working with children who needed additional support Maureen Pollard, the creator of Little Learners Love Literacy®, realised there was a need for explicit and sequential literacy teaching in Australian classrooms.

When Maureen helped teachers change their approach and pedagogy the overall literacy results improved dramatically, and so our organisation Learning Logic was started in 1995 and Little Learners Love Literacy® program was born in 2009.

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Milo’s Birthday Surprise book cover

Little Learners Love Literacy started with one book - Milo’s Birthday Surprise which introduces the simple code using a delightful story about Milo and his friends. From writing this book, the 7 stages of Little Learners Love Literacy developed encompassing all the vital components of an evidence-based structured literacy program – explicit teaching, a carefully developed scope and sequence and a range of decodable books.

In 2019, the Little Learners Love Literacy® team moved from Maureen’s home to premises in Surrey Hills, Melbourne – The Hub. The team expanded and they are now able to run their own Professional Learning from the Hub. It continues to be a very exciting time for everyone. 

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Our team pride themselves on supporting teachers make the move to evidence-based teaching. Every child deserves explicit and sequential literacy teaching from day 1 – we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

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Our mission

Our mission is to teach ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence.

Evidence-based literacy research stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. Our goal is to have this happening in every Foundation classroom from Day 1, giving children the best possible chance of being fluent readers, writers and spellers.

Here's how our teaching strategies are making a difference. 

Our team

Kindness, respect, generosity and collaboration are at the heart of our team – we’ll always do our best to support you and your little learners. Get in touch any time and we’d be delighted to talk to you. We value every conversation and look to continually learn, improve and share best practice. 

Our community

Fun, supportive and passionate about literacy. Our community of teachers, principals, speech pathologists, parents, grandparents, tutors, education psychologists is forever growing. It’s such an exciting time in education - join us on our exclusive Facebook group.

Our program

Little Learners Love Literacy® is a sequential, explicit program backed by research. Our teaching focuses on phonemic awareness, the alphabetic code (phonics), vocabulary and linking the teaching of reading, spelling and writing – no guessing strategies!

Our promise

With Little Learners Love Literacy® children will experience success from the beginning. We believe all children can love literacy.
They just need the right tools, explicit teaching, practice and support to be a successful reader, writer and speller. 

Read more about the program here: What is Little learners Love Literacy®?

Little Learners Love Literacy logo
Three sub-brand logos

The Hub

In 2019, Little Learners Love Literacy® moved into its first brick and mortar store - The Hub. A store in the front, order packing in the back and training room upstairs, it is the perfect venue. We can’t wait to meet you there!

Inside of a shop/workspace. Books like the walls.
A group of tables with chairs around them in a classroom.

94 Union Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

The Hub is situated on Union Road, Surrey Hills in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Little Learners Love Literacy® acknowledge the traditional owners as the original custodians of this land and respect their customs and traditions and their special relationship with the land.

Getting there

What is the parking like?
There is limited on-street 2-hour parking. We are very close to Surrey Hills train station (and consequently station car park). If you book a workshop with us we will send you more parking recommendations via email closer to your training date. 

I don’t drive, what are my options?
You can travel by train:
- Belgrave/Lilydale Train from Flinders Street station
- Surrey Hills train station 5-minute walk away.

You can travel by tram:
- 70 Wattle Park, Stop #55 Union Rd/Riversdale Rd
- 766 Bus Box Hill for two stops or 15-minute walk.