Assessing reading with the LLARS

The LLARS assesses:

1 phoneme/grapheme knowledge

single word decoding - nonwords
3 reading heart words (optional)

4 reading unseen decodable texts (including fluency and comprehension).

The LLARS will provide you with data that can be used to inform your explicit structured literacy teaching and interventions, as well as demonstrate student progress.

LLARS excel download

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Benchmark expectations

Little Learners Love Literacy® has its own teaching scope and sequence and end-of-year benchmarks. All Little Learners teaching resources and assessments are based on this sequence. The Little Learners benchmarks for reading and spelling mastery in Foundation and Year 1, as shown below, are achievable. 

Managing data

We recommend that you keep one folder per student throughout Foundation and Year 1. Keep your student summary sheet(s) at the front of the folder showing dates of tests and an overview of scores, as well as your targets and next steps. Store your score sheets/notes from each assessment behind the student summary sheet for reference. Each score sheet should be named and dated at the time of assessment using the spaces provided.

Use the LLARS Excel template (Class Record) to record and display your class results. The LLARS Class Record has conditional formatting to clearly indicate when a subtest is mastered. Watch this video to find out more:

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