Decodable book apps

The Pip and Tim and The Wiz Kids decodable books are now available as apps at iTunes and Google Play.

We call our Little Learners books the 'no tricks' books. Once children know 8 letters and sounds, they can start reading about Pip and Tim, their family, friends and pets through the Pip and Tim series. The series aligns with our carefully sequenced phonic stages, with 5 books for each stage to give lots of reading practice. 

They can also go one more adventures with The Wiz Kids books (Stages 1-4). The stories and characters are engaging and the illustrations are colourful and fun. 

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Pip and Tim book apps

Audio and recoding functionality
The Pip and Tim decodable books are available as apps with professional audio to engage children learning to read. There are two different modes:
- Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the Apple App Store have been created with three different audio modes - Read to me, I will read, No Audio.
- Stages Plus 4, 6, 7.1, 72, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 on the Apple App Store have a different mode which enables children to record and hear themselves read. This mode is perfect for readers to build their fluency skills (accuracy, speed, prosody) by listening to themselves and re-reading the book to improve.

Please note that our Android apps on the Google Play store do not have this audio functionality.

Preview of Stage 5 Pip and Tim books on the app
Pip and Tim book in the app
Pip and Tim books in the app

Apple Education Volume Purchase Plan
The Little Learner apps are part of the Apple Education Volume Purchase Plan meaning schools can purchase 20 apps with a 50% discount.

Please note: you have a choice of purchasing as either 'Device Assignable' or 'User Assignable'. The latter is preferable when schools need to share apps with parents for home use as it allows the IT department to assign a licence. The app can then be revoked by the IT department once the child no longer needs the app and assigned to another email address.

Wiz Kids stage 1
Wiz Kids Stage 2
Wiz Kids stage 3
Wiz Kids stage 4