Research recommends spending 70-100 minutes per week, or 15-20 mins per day, teaching handwriting. Teaching handwriting includes letter formation, pencil grip, starting position and sequence.

Handwriting is built into the Little Learners Love Literacy® lessons and resources from day 1 with:

  • Explicit teaching and modeling
  • Practice on mini whiteboards
  • Rainbow handwriting activity
  • Handwriting activity sheets
  • Sound and write activity.

Competent handwriting helps. to relieve cognitive load when children spell and compose written work. Handwriting practice is also great for helping children to remember the phoneme associated with the grapheme they are learning – ask them to say the sound as they write.

hand holding a pencil to show correct grip

What's your style? Whatever handwriting style you teach and use, be consistent and explicit in your teaching. Victorian cursive is not mandated and does not have to be taught in schools. We use the Sassoon font family in many of our resources, developed by Rosemary Sassoon – this font was the most researched font at the time Little Learners Love Literacy® was created – and we still love it. We do provide our worksheets in alternative fonts (you can find them with your the Teacher Activity Resource and in our Free downloads).