How are reading and spelling linked?

Reading is an easier skill than spelling, however, they are connected skills and should be taught together. They are flip sides of the same coin. Children need to be phonemically aware and to know the alphabetic code for both reading and spelling. Reading needs decoding (segmenting words into their sounds) and spelling needs encoding (combining sounds into words).

The Little Learners Love Literacy® approach teaches reading and spelling together. Some key resources and approaches include:

  • Milo’s Making Words Flipbook and Placemats (for early spelling practice)
  • Let's Spell (our unique spelling strategy used in Stages 1-7)
  • Sound Swap Word Game (practice in manipulating sounds and letters to make word chains without the cognitive load of handwriting)
  • Segmenting and spelling with mini whiteboards as a class.
  • Let’s write (dictation)
  • The Little Learners Assessment of Spelling Skills.

Spelling starts when the reading journey begins!

Child using Sound Swap Word game cards
Child using Milo's Making words flipbook
Child doing a writing activity

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