Pip and Tim Stage 7 Unit 4


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These beautifully illustrated books are decodable, meaning children use their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode the text – no guessing!

There are seven expertly levelled stages for children to read – introducing sounds and letters in a tried and tested sequence.

The Pip and Tim Stage 7 Unit 4 decodable books are a real step up – real chapter books to engage developing readers. They practise more alternative spellings for vowel sounds including split digraphs. The books also use some alternative spellings for consonant sounds and use homophones. Stage 7 Unit 4: a-e a i-e e e-e e o-e o ow u-e ew ue u ui + kn gn wr mb ce ci cy ge gi gy.

In these stories, Pip and Tim enjoy a productive student-free day, enter Sam and Tip into a funny pet show and write a diary of their beach holiday. They also make a scrapbook of amazing facts!

The Pip and Tim Stage 7 Unit 4 decodable books:

  • Are real stories with relatable characters, humour and a twist at the end
  • Perfectly sequenced to ensure children achieve success
  • Include notes on ‘How to enjoy this book’ and comprehension questions
  • Feature a page of Speed words for additional reading practice.

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