Bingo Games Pack


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Build reading confidence with an enjoyable game of bingo!

This value pack contains all three Bingo Games sets:

  • Bingo Games Stages 1–2
  • Bingo Games Stages 3–4
  • Bingo Games Stage Plus 4

Bingo Games give children lots of practise reading single words using the phonemes and graphemes they have learnt in the Little Learners Love Literacy® sequence. The game also practises Heart words for each Stage.

Inside each box are 12 bingo boards and 72 word cards. Heart words are indicated with a heart symbol.

Bingo Games Pack:

  • Encourages children to increase their automatic recognition of words
  • All Bingo words are linked to the Pip and Tim decodable books (Stages 1–Plus 4)
  • Can be played by up to 6 players – perfect for small group work at school, or a family game at home.

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