Read, Write and Draw Stages 7.1 and 7.2

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Read it, Write it, Draw it!  Consistent and meaningful independent reading and writing practice.

Read, write and draw is an engaging independent reading and writing practice routine for children working at Stages 7.1 and 7.2 of the Little Learners Love Literacy® scope and sequence.

Stage 7.1: long vowel digraphs /ā/ ai ay, /ē/ ee ea --y, /ī/ igh ie -y, /ō/ oa.

Stage 7.2: r-controlled vowels /ar/ ar, /or/ or aw, /er/ ir ur er, /air/ air

Offering 384 cards, children can engage with this independent reading and writing practice routine at word, phrase or sentence level. By drawing a picture to match the chosen card, children can show their understanding and enjoy bringing playful text to life. Children have many opportunities for vocabulary development, including exploring words with multiple meanings (‘fair’: funfair, light or unjust).

Read, Write and Draw Stages 7.1 and 7.2:

  • Decoding and reading comprehension
  • Spelling and handwriting
  • Vocabulary enrichment, including words with multiple meanings
  • Three levels of challenge – word, phrase and sentence.
  • Instructions available via a QR code on the box.

Learn more about how the read, write and draw routine can be implemented in your classroom.