Tam and Pat Stage 3


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The Tam and Pat decodable series has been developed by the teams at DSF SPELD and Little Learners Love Literacy. They feature the same stories as the original Little Learners Pip and Tim decodable readers Stages 1 - 4, but the characters and illustrations have been modified. In these stories we are introduced to Pat, Tam, Mum and Dad plus their two pets, Sam and Tip. Each story is set in regional Australia where Tam and Pat live, play and go to school.

There are four expertly levelled stages for children to read within the Tam and Pat series - introducing sounds and letters in a tried and tested sequence. Each stage also introduces a small number of Heart words. These are high frequency words that children cannot decode yet and need to learn by heart.

Stage 3 - y r e qu z Heart words - he she we to do was

Book 1 - Ned

Book 2 - Big Ted and Meg

Book 3 - Pat's quiz

Book 4 - Dad and his hot dog

Book 5 - The rat

The Tam and Pat decodable books:

  • Are real stories with relatable characters and lots of humour
  • Are perfectly sequenced to ensure children achieve success
  • Include notes on 'How to enjoy this book" and comprehension questions