Teacher Activity Resource Stages 1-2


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Explicit teaching support and carefully constructed practice for reading, spelling and writing for Stages 1 and 2.

Stage 1: m s f p a t c i   |   Stage 2: b h n o d g l v   |    Heart words: my the I

Little Learners Love Literacy® is an explicit and sequential literacy program that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence. Created from evidence-based research, this new edition of the Teacher Activity Resource book provides explicit teaching support and carefully constructed practice for reading, spelling and handwriting. This book breaks down the Little Learners Love Literacy® teaching sequence into weekly plans, which include unique instructional routines for your whole class. 

How do I use it?

The Teacher Activity Resource books provide simple lesson plans and activities to ensure your teaching of reading and spelling is effective and targeted from the very beginning.

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Use the TARs alongside the decodable books and Little Learners Love Literacy® Practise games such as Sound Swap, Tim’s Quiz and Read, write and draw.

Ensure your teaching is effective and targeted by using the Teacher Activity Resource
book to:
  • reduce planning time and create consistency between classrooms
  • teach explicitly, following an ‘I do, we do, you do’ structure
  • follow the key Little Learners routines with fidelity
  • integrate key Little Learners resources such as decodable books and practice games into your daily teaching
  • review students’ knowledge and skills based on what has been taught (daily, weekly or per stage).

What's new?

  • Little Learners Playbook - full scripts for each LLLL instructional routine.
  • Weekly Plans supported by day-by-day teacher notes based on the newly revised teaching sequence.
  • Where's the sound? resource provides additional phonemic awareness practice segmenting focus sounds in multiple positions in the word
  • Handwriting -an additional resource providing practice of both upper and lower case letter formation in Sassoon, NSW, SA and QLD fonts.
  • Heart words writing - practise spelling and writing with new heart words
  • Let's write - our popular dictation resource is now available at the lower stages of the program
  • Decodable word lists - for each new GPC
  • And more! Explore the new format Teacher Activity Resource Books here.


Also available:

This printed book is also available in digital format for easy printing, in various state fonts. Value packs of print and digital are also available including 35% discount. Browse the Teacher Activity Resource range here.