Stages 1-7 Posters Super Pack


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Create a bright and focused display of letters and sounds with this special pack of 10 posters designed for Foundation and Year 1 classrooms.

These posters are a fabulous teaching tool for spelling! Children can refer to them during your explicit teaching, and at any time during the school day, to support them as they learn to read, write and spell with confidence.

The pack includes two large A0 (84cm x 118 cm) Sounds Charts poster displaying the grapheme–phoneme correspondences taught in Stages 1–6 and in Stages 1–7, and eight A2 (42 cm x 59 cm) Speed Sounds and Chants posters that represent the grapheme–phoneme correspondences taught in Stages 1–7.

Stage 7 Poster Pack:

  • A key tool for explicitly teaching the alphabetic code following the Little Learners Love Literacy® teaching model
  • Provide a mnemonic for teaching and remembering the graphemes from Stages 1–7 for reading and spelling
  • Pack price includes 20% discount
  • Link to our teaching resources for every stage.

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