Pip and Tim Stage 4


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These beautifully illustrated books are decodable, meaning children use their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode the text – no guessing!

There is nothing better than seeing a child discover the joy of reading. In these Stage 4 stories, we spend more time with the Zan family – going to work with Mum, having a family picnic and going on a fun run!

There are seven expertly levelled stages for children to read – introducing sounds and letters in a tried and tested sequence. Each stage also introduces a small number of Heart words. These are high-frequency words that children cannot decode yet and need to learn by heart.

The Pip and Tim Stage 4 decodable books practise five more letters and sounds – the last five sounds of Milo’s Birthday Surprise! Stage 4: j u k x w; Heart words: of are too for her.

The Pip and Tim Stage 4 decodable books:

  • Are real stories with relatable characters and lots of humour
  • Perfectly sequenced to ensure children achieve success
  • Include notes on ‘How to enjoy this book’ and comprehension questions
  • Feature a page of Speed words for additional reading practice.

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