Teaching Little Learners Love Literacy - Two-Day Workshop

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Date & Time: 12th and 13th September 2024
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These workshops will be held at The LLLL Hub - 94 Union Road, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, VIC 3127 (Please be advised that our training facilities are only accessible via one flight of stairs.)

Our professional learning workshops are essential to teach Little Learners Love Literacy with fidelity, and to get value and impact from your resources. This unique two-day workshop will prepare you to implement evidence-based reading, spelling, phonemic awareness and writing routines in your classroom.

The workshop comprises:

  • Four interactive online pre-work theory modules
  • Two day, in-person workshop

This professional learning will lay foundations by exploring key theory concepts including the science of reading, cognitive load theory and explicit teaching. Classroom footage and a range of interactive activities will support you in mastering the practical elements of the program including planning and assessment.

This two-day workshop is perfect for: Foundation & Year 1 teachers, Literacy leaders, APs and Principals who want to learn more about the pedagogy of explicit sequential synthetic phonics and what it looks like in the classroom

This price includes catering and your professional learning kit with a sample of LLLL resources. We will also provide all materials required for the training.

Booked out? Want a date that works better for you? Please take a look at our online workshops instead - or get in touch to discuss our trainers coming to you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marlee, Year 1 /2 teacher
The workshop was wonderful.

The presenters made me feel very comfortable which enabled me to ask questions freely. The presenters know their content so well. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to come. A fantastic environment to learn in.

Samantha, Year 1 /2 teacher
It was a fantastic workshop

It was a fantastic workshop that has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and has allowed me to gain more confidence in teaching LLLL.

Melissa, Learning Specialist
A very informative two days

A very informative two days with some wonderful practical teaching to take back to implement. I enjoyed the discussion around the science behind reading.

Emily, Prep teacher
Great workshop.

Great workshop. Modelled lessons was the best way to learn. How the brain works helped me to see why LLLL is taught how it is.

Bridget, Special Ed. teacher
Enjoyed the blend of practical and theoretical learning.

Enjoyed the blend of practical and theoretical learning. Seeing it in practice for me is crucial so I really enjoyed it.