Ally the alligator puppet


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Have fun segmenting words and blending sounds with Ally!
Milo’s friend, Ally the alligator, only speaks in sounds. Children love segmenting words into sounds using Ally and blending Ally’s sounds together to make words. By doing this, the children are practising their phonemic awareness skills, which are crucial for spelling and reading.
The Ally puppet is also included with the Milo's Birthday Surprise Teacher Resource. This teaching resource includes many ideas and activities to use Ally as part of the Little Learners Love Literacy® program.

Ally the Alligator Puppet:

  • Versatile teaching tool to run lots of interactive games (can you h-o-p?)
  • Can be used to support all children who struggle to blend words to read text
  • A fun way to build foundational phonemic skills for reading and spelling every day.

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