Milo's Birthday Surprise Placemat


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Enjoy talking about Milo Monkey and his alphabet friends using this sturdy laminated placemat.

This sturdy laminated placemat based on the storybook Milo’s Birthday Surprise – it features Milo's friends on one side and the plain letter shapes on the other.

It can be used for fun phonemic awareness activities to reinforce the letters and sounds introduced in Milo’s Birthday Surprise. For example, at mealtimes use the placemat to talk to your child about what Milo and his friends like to eat – does Milo Monkey prefer muffins or popcorn for his snack? Does Sally Snake like spaghetti or pizza for dinner?

Milo’s Birthday Surprise Placemat:

  • Makes it easy and fun to reinforce letters and sounds at home
  • Perfectly matches the Milo’s Birthday Surprise storybook and practice resources.

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