Milo's Making Words Placemats


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Take the first steps in learning to spell words using these simple placemats that can be used again and again.

Milo’s Making Words Placemats are simple and successful for children to use as they identify and circle letters and sounds in a sequence to make words using an erasable board marker.

Instructions and lists of words to spell are on the back of each placemat. This Making Words Placemat practises the sounds of the alphabet and it can also be used to extend children with ck, ll, ff, ss words. We call these 'digraphs', meaning 2 letters, 1 sound.

This resource includes two laminated placemats – one placemat has the Milo character mnemonics for the vowels and the other side is plain text.

Milo’s Making Words Placemats:

  • Provides lots of opportunity to apply sounds and letters learnt in the Milo’s Birthday Surprise storybook
  • Remove the worry children have of making mistakes by using these erasable boards
  • A super resource that can be used over and over again when teaching children the first steps to write.

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