SoundCheck 2


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A framework for the explicit teaching of spelling.

Using the same strategy as the original SoundCheck framework, SoundCheck 2 extends children’s knowledge of phonics by teaching ‘magic e’, digraphs – ar, or, ea, oa, ee, doubling consonants, identifying syllables in words with ‘tion’ and much more.

The book is easy to use with step-by-step instructions for each lesson and lists of words for each of the 26 units. Each of the 26 units provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children hear and identify each sound and grapheme.

A simple assessment for pre-teaching show you where each student needs to start.


  • Easy to teach, following a step-by-step sequence
  • Includes phonological fun activities such as Sound Circle, Silly Sentences, Secret Sound and Vowel Sort Pictures
  • Copymasters are provided in Sassoon and Victorian Cursive fonts
  • Easy to use with groups or individuals.

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