My Word Detective Book Pack of 5


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A personal spelling dictionary organised by phoneme–grapheme relationships matching the Little Learners Love Literacy® Stages.

My Word Detective Book is a personal spelling dictionary designed to support children’s phoneme–grapheme correspondence recognition, spelling and writing. This pack contains 5 copies of My Word Detective Book – perfect for small group instruction and interventions.

After reading the Little Learners decodable books, children can find and re-read words that use the focus phoneme and grapheme/s before writing them in lists and highlighting or circling the target grapheme in the word.

Once lists become populated children can use their My Word Detective Book as a personal dictionary to support independent writing. Children can write their words in sentences and illustrate them to develop their vocabulary, syntax and comprehension skills and knowledge.

My Word Detective Book:

  • Supports students’ memory using the Little Leaners Love Literacy® Speed Sounds and Chants mnemonics
  • A flexible tool that can be used to extend children who are ready to learn more alternative spellings
  • Supports children working at Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 5–7.

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