Milo's Birthday Surprise Pack of 6


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This gorgeous storybook teaches children the sounds and letters of the alphabet – the first steps in learning to read. This pack contains 6 copies.

Milo the monkey calls his friends to invite them to his birthday party, but everybody is busy preparing a surprise for him! Children can search the entertaining illustrations for clues about what birthday surprises are in store for Milo. Each of Milo’s fun friends introduce a new sound and letter.

Sounds and letters are introduced systematically following the sequence of the Little Learners Love Literacy® program (Stages 1–4): m s f a p t c i b h n o d g i v y r e qu z j u k x w.

Use this storybook alongside the multi-sensory Milo’s Resources and the Stages 1–4 Little Learner decodable books to teach, practise and apply.

Milo’s Birthday Surprise:

  • Opens up the world of sounds and letters in an engaging way for young children
  • Facilitates effective and systematic teaching of the simple alphabetic code
  • Introduces characters who become mnemonics to read and spell.

Milo’s Birthday Surprise is also available on the App Store with embedded music.

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